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GE's Digital Energy business is providing Brazilian utility Furnas and Triangulo Mineiro Transmissora (TMT)/Geoenergia with protection and control equipment to help ensure the performance and quality for each of the utility's grid modernization projects. TMT is a collaborative utility comprising Furnas and FIP Milao.

GE notes that manufacturing growth in Brazil, coupled with fluctuating temperatures, has contributed to a surge of electricity consumption and demand. As such, TMT is leading the construction and installation of a 297-kilometer, 500 kV transmission line to deliver more electricity to the country's growth regions.

According to GE, the company is providing protection, control and communications solutions for the reactive compensation system, transmission lines, connections, feeders, measurements, protection and control panels, level 2 HMI/SCADA systems, and automation solutions for the project.

In addition, GE will provide its B90 bus differential system for a 230 kV substation and 138 kV substation, both owned by Furnas. The company is also supplying the equipment for 765 kV reactors and 765 kV, 500 kV and 69 kV transformers at two other substations owned by Furnas.

Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015
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Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015
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