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Atmel Corp., a microcontroller and touch solutions provider, has rolled out the ATPL230A, a power line communications (PLC) modem that implements the physical layer of the power line intelligent metrology evolution (PRIME) standard.

According to Atmel, ATPL230A offers original equipment manufacturers a seamless solution for smart metering platforms. The company adds that the modem expands its SAM4Cx platform to address physical communication.

In addition to meeting the different components of PRIME specification, Atmel says a key feature of ATPL230A is a class D line driver for PLC signal amplification. ATPL230A, the company notes, helps improve thermal behavior, extends long-term reliability and reduces overall power consumption.

Furthermore, new transmission modes and frequency band extension help enhance the robustness of PLC, Atmel reports.

The company is also offering the ATPL230A evaluation kit to help accelerate the design process. The kit, Atmel says, shows the capabilities of ATPL230A for smart metering platforms with embedded PLC.

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Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015
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