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As part of its peaksaver PLUS program, Ontario-based utility Milton Hydro is offering its customers a free ecobee Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Si thermostat that connects to their smart meters.

According to ecobee, the Smart Si thermostat will help ratepayers make informed decisions about their home's energy use, as well as help ease the strain on Ontario's electricity grid on hot summer days through demand response events. Via a meter connection, customers will receive real-time energy usage data and price information right to their thermostat. Furthermore, homeowners can monitor and control their thermostat from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

"The launch of our peaksaver PLUS program provides our customers more insight into their energy use plus the tools to optimize and control their cooling expenses this summer," explains Frank Lasowski, president and CEO of Milton Hydro.

“Now our customers have greater control. If they decide they want to stay at their cottage longer than expected this summer, all they have to do is adjust their air conditioner right from their dock using their smartphone. In addition, participating customers play a role in responsibly lowering the demand for electricity during extreme heat and peak energy use.”

According to Milton Hydro’s website, the free thermostat and installation is valued at approximately $400.

Hybrid Energy Innovations

Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015
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Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015