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Survalent Technology has commissioned a new advanced distribution management system (ADMS) for Consolidated Electric Cooperative, a nonprofit cooperative that serves nearly 16,000 members in eight counties of Ohio.

"Consolidated Electric Cooperative, like many utilities, has selected Survalent to focus on dynamic voltage reduction," states Steve Strauss, Survalent's vice president of sales for the Eastern U.S. "Utilizing their AMI system to allow Survalent to poll their end-of-line customer’s voltage allows SCADA to control the substation voltage and down line regulators to maximize voltage/load reduction while still keeping their customers over 114 volts. This is an excellent application of a utilities investment in integrating several technologies to optimize system operation."

The new system includes Survalent's applications, such as SmartVU Operator Interface, SCADA Explorer, Command Sequence, Event Data Recording, Fault Data Recording, IED Wizard and Control Panel, Remote Alarm Annunciation, Master/Slave Alarm Suppression, SCADA Add-In, System Configuration Status, SCADA Replicator, WebSurv, SurvCentral for Mobile Devices, Operator Training Simulator, MultiSpeak Interfaces, and Conservation Voltage Reduction.

Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015
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Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015
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