Survalent Commissions SCADA System For Electric Co-op

Renew Grid, Wednesday May 16, 2012 - 12:38:11

Survalent Technology, a provider of smart grid solutions to utilities, has commissioned a new SCADA system at Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative (HWEC), which serves 12,900 customers in Ohio.

The new system features Survalent's open-architecture system based on Windows Server 2008. It includes several of the company's open system applications, including WorldView, SCADA Explorer, Command Sequencing, Event Data Recording, SCADA Add-In IED Wizard and Control Panel, Remote Alarm Annunciation, Multispeak interfaces and WebSurv.

"Hancock-Wood is a first time SCADA user who will be using a virtualized environment to maximize disaster recovery for their new SCADA system," says Steve Strauss, vice president of sales for Survalent's eastern U.S. region.

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