Ambient Releases Enhanced Version Of Network Management System

Renew Grid, Thursday June 14, 2012 - 11:50:39

Ambient Corp., a provider of smart grid communications platforms and applications, has released the latest version of its network management system, AmbientNMS.

The system is a purpose-built suite of integrated software applications for real-time fault, performance analysis and reporting of characteristics of the medium- and low-voltage grid infrastructure.

The latest version of AmbientNMS features new tools for interpreting, arranging and sharing data, allowing the utility to create pre-selected users or groups. Its primary function is to provide an extensible system for managing the communications network between grid devices and the existing back-office systems.

In addition, the system can monitor and manage tasks, run discovery and status checks, query devices, and store and relay information and instructions between the NMS and the Ambient smart grid nodes.

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